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A Selection of School Visits

For some years now The Victorian School has been providing Victorian Days and Victorian Weeks for schools, mainly for keysatge 1 and keystage 2, but sometimes for older students, even parents and grandparents. More recently, by request, we have added days that cover other historical periods. This page lists the various topics and more details can be found by clicking on the appropriate button. We can generally provide special presentations to cover anniversaries, wow days, and conferences.

Victorian School Day


A look at Victorian Schooling presenting the schoolday as it would be to a Victorian School child. This is generally best suited for children at keystage 2.

Victorian Domestic Day

Domestic Day

Takes a look at what is was like living in Victorian times. Covers washing, cooking and cleaning and gives children a better understanding of the many changes in home life in the last 150 years. As this is includes many activities it is ideally suited to younger children, who can enjoy participating whilst learning.

Victorian Life Day


This combines elements from the Victorian School Day and the Domestic Day to give an overview of life for the Victorian child. Keystage 1 or 2.

Traditional Toys Day

toy day

A look at traditional toys from early times, and how they have evolved into modern toys. Suitable for most ages as the content can be geared towards the age range.

Ancient Greeks Day


The Ancient Greek Day covers facets of life in ancient times and looks at aspects of Greek life and civilisation. This day is best suited to KS2.

Ancient Romans Day

Roman Cartoon

A look at Roman Times with related activities. This interesting day is suitable for keystage 2.

Ancient Egyptians Day

Egyptian Mummy

From the pyramids to the mummies we look at aspects of ancient Egyptian life. Suitable for KS2.

Mayan Day

Mayan calendar symbol

The Mayan civilisation makes a fascinating study and this day looks at various aspects of this long-lasting culture.

Tudor Day

It is mot all about Henry VII and all his wives, but our day covers many aspects of the Tudor period.

Stone Age Day

The Stone Age is the term given to a period that is defined by the use of stone tools and weapons.

Anglo Saxon Day

The Anglo-Saxon day covers a large chunk of British history. As with all our topics, this can be geared to local needs.

WW2 Day


There is so much to WW2 and it couldn't all be covered in a day, so this presentation, geared at KS2, looks at selected topics.