Roman School Visit

Although the Victorian School specialises in teaching about the Victorian period, we also offer history days that cover other periods. As with our Victorian visits we come to your school to provide an informative and interesting Roman History Day.

Roman School Day Details

The day starts with a trumpet fanfare as "Marcus Aurelius" takes control of his "platoon". The soldiers are given training and learn how to give a Roman handshake to each other. They also do "training" including jumping, running and swimming on the spot. They learn that the Romans loved boxing and then they have some play boxing with gloves.

The soldiers are taught to swear an oath to join the Roman Army and they are given the opportunity to have SPQR stamped on them if they would like (harmless and will wash off).

Next comes some teaching about the armour and the students have the chance to try on the helmet and try out the wooden swords and shield.

Students are next trained in the testudo, a Roman military tactic, and then throw paper rocks and learn about camouflage.

Next there is an opportunity to see and discuss Roman artefacts including coins and jewellery.

The children then learn what was like to be a gladiator in Rome.

The day concludes with various fun activities including a relay race where they put on armour as fast as possible, a talk about ancient Roman football and an introduction to a Roman puppet.

This all adds up to a memorable day and serves to reinforce additional teaching about the period. The exact nature of the day varies depends upon the age of the children, the time available, and local requirements.

Contact us to get costs.

Knight SPQR Julius Caesar

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