WW2 School Visit

Although the Victorian School specialises in teaching about the Victorian period, we also offer history days that cover other periods. As with our Victorian visits we come to your school, and we provide an informative and interesting WW2 History Day for KS2.

World War 2 School Day Details

Enlisting: children are given "eye tests" and other checks to see if they are suitable for service. An explanation is given of conscription, and what it meant to be called up to serve in the dorces.

The new "recruits" are given some basic training with scramble nets and toy gun target practice. This is not serious training but just a fun introduction to what was required to be ready to fight the enemy. An explanation is give of the different jobs in the army including being a spy! A secret code is offered so that the children can work it out, and test their aptitude for covert work like being a code breaker at Bletchley Park.

The children listen to a speech given by Winston Churchill and then participate in some fun activities to help them learn about him.

Next the focus shifts to what it was like for civilians and the evacuees are introduced with children having to imagine what it must have been like for wartime children.

Rationing is discussed and the children look at various foodstuffs and try to decide if they were rationed.

Metal collecting for the war effort is the next essential activity, and the children play a "saucepan challenge" game about collecting metal. They also have an opportunity to grow their own seeds in a cup of compost for the war effort.

The afternoon ends as the class sits under a proper full size parachute, sing war songs and watch a dvd about "Valiant" a wood pigeon who helped in the war effort!

This all adds up to a memorable day and serves to reinforce additional teaching about the period. The exact nature of the day varies depends upon the age of the children, the time available, and local requirements.

Contact us to get costs.

Evacuee Children War Poster Child's Ration Book

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