Although the Victorian School specialises in teaching about the Victorian period, we also offer history days that cover other periods. As with our Victorian visits we come to your school to provide an informative and interesting Ancient Greeks History Day.

Ancient Greeks Day

This Ancient Greece Day is an interactive investigation into life for the Ancient Greeks. It looks at various occupations in Greek society many thousands of years ago, to give a broad overview of life in that ancient civilisation.

Sessions included will depend upon the time available with each group of pupils, also teacher preference:

The Hoplite- the Ancient Greek foot soldier. Finding out about training, their military equipment and strategies, this session can include a spear throwing contest and making a sail for a warship (trireme).

The Athlete- sporting activities such as Long Jump, Javelin, Quoit throwing, Relay Race and even including some singing (for early sports supporters…) Finding out about Nike, the first Marathon and other Ancient Greek sports which helped form the foundation for many modern sports today, including the Olympic Games.

The Teacher/Scientist – includes looking at scientific and mathematical principles, discoveries and inventions made by well known Greek characters, including Aristotle, Plato, Socrates and Archimedes. Many of these discoveries form the basis for later developments that are in active use throughout our world today. A mathematical scientific problem from Pythagoras, involving a letter, a shape and a number demonstrates how principles established thousands of years ago still apply today.

Ancient Greek toys and games – finding out about and playing with different traditional Greek toys and games, this is always a very popular session; also investigating how they were devised and made from available materials.

The Politician - an introduction to how democracy began in the ancient world, pupils can take part to debate an issue within a group. This includes a competition to find the best public speaker, using broken pottery to vote.

The Actor – this session introduces pupils to Ancient Greek tragedies and comedy, also looks at the beginnings of Theatre. Ancient Greek Theatre was very different to the way it has since developed into Theatre as we know it today. When time permits, this session allows an opportunity for pupils to take part in an Ancient Greek style play; a performance of which can make a fitting end to an exciting day.

Greek cartoon man laurel branches Ancient Greek Theatre Ancient Greek

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