CHILDREN Street Child

by Berlie Doherty

Jim Jarvis is a runaway. When his mother dies, Jim is all alone in the workhouse and is desperate to escape. But, London in the 1860s is a dangerous and lonely place for a small boy and life is a constant battle for survival. Just when Jim finds some friends, he is snatched away and made to work for the remorselessly cruel Grimy Nick, constantly guarded by his vicious dog, Snipe. Will Jim ever be free? Jim's gripping adventure is based on the true story of the orphan whose plight inspired Doctor Barnardo to set up his famous children's refuge.

Recommended for Keystage 2 (KS2).

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Street Child

Paperback: 146 pages

Publisher: HarperCollinsChildren'sBooks

ISBN: 9780006740209

Product Dimensions: 17.4 x 10.6 x 1.4 cm

Street Child
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